Pigot Miller Wilson

Accountants & Advisors

Orange: Ph: (02) 6362 1966
Forbes: Ph: (02) 6851 5900

we like what we do… so we do good work.

We’re a business advisory and accounting firm and we like being good at what we do.

Here are some other things we like:


We like small businesses.

We’re curious about what you do, how you run your business and why you get out of bed in the morning.

We like meeting people.

It’s interesting for us to get to know you and for you to share your story so we can do our best work.

We like results.

And we know how to get them. Finding solutions, progress and your business success are all things that help us sleep better.

We like evolution of things.

Small changes can take a business forward and we're always hunting innovative ways to make a difference. Implementing change is awesome.

We like our community.

Through sponsorships and actively participating in events, we get to share interests and have open dialogue with our local area.

We like feedback.

We learn more when we listen, and what you think about us is important. We figure that you can teach us a thing or two as well.