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Our six Partners are young and ambitious, love innovation and like to make a positive difference towards a better financial future for our community.


Ray Miller – Partner


Clocking up over twelve years at the firm and a Managing Partner since 2004, Ray embraces innovation with an entrepreneurial spirit. Seeking out the latest trends, Ray is a knowledge bank of ideas with a passion for helping to make a difference in businesses of all sizes. If you can’t find him in the office, he’s most likely buying fishing products or gardening.

Business Advice ★★★★
Financial Planning nous ★★★★
Obsession with innovation ★★★★
Availability between meetings 
Love of Fishing ★★★
Catching of Fish 

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Daniel Miller – Partner


Daniel says…

As both a Chartered Accountant and Registered Auditor, Daniel has been a Managing Partner since 2007. Daniel first worked at the firm as a trainee while studying and then re-joined the firm in 2004 after furthering his career in Sydney and the UK. An extensive traveler, Dan can tick off 27 countries and a bunch of things on most people’s bucket lists. When he’s not thoroughly interrogating your business structure he’s probably participating in amazing feats of sporting grandeur, like Ironman competitions or kicking back with his young family.

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Andrew Miller – Partner

Andrew-Miller-partner-at-Pigot-Miller-Wilsonquote here

A Managing Partner since 2005, Andrew joined the firm in 1999 with a commitment to tailored advisory services for the unique businesses and individuals in the Central West community. A well-rounded view of all matters related to small business, Andrew is also quite interested in new stuff, from cars and motorcycles to the latest apps and hilarious youtube sensations.


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Glenn Wilson – Partner


With over 21 years experience in the Financial Planning and Banking industries, Glenn has been a Managing Partner at the firm since 2009. Guiding our clients to a wealthier and more secure future, Glenn’s focus is on expert planning advice throughout all stages of life. A mad sports fan, you’ll often find Glenn watching, coaching or playing cricket and basketball. He’s also partial to a bit of competitive card playing, especially Eueka.

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Matt Hazell – Partner

Matthew-Hazel-partner-at-Pigot-Miller-Wilsonquote mcquote

Having joined the firm in 2009, Matt brings over 10 years public practice experience in Forbes, becoming a Managing Partner in 2012. Matt has been dedicated to the farming and family businesses of the Forbes area since he started his career, providing an in-depth tax and advisory service. Retiring from the football field after far too many injuries, Matt can now be found having a hit of tennis or cricket and managing a small obsession with knowing everything about Holden’s.

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Nick Field – Partner

stuff nick says

Joining the firm in 2008, Nick became a Managing Partner in 2012. With most of his working years spent in Forbes, Nick has a real understanding of rural communities and the realities of owning a regionally based business. Delivering calm in every conversation, out of the office you’ll likely find Nick participating is some sort of running or cycling event (especially if there’s an official event hat to purchase), convincing other people to participate as well or rounding up donations for a good cause.

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