Pigot Miller Wilson

Accountants & Advisors

by doing good work for good people

We like to start at the start.

Good relationships are founded on honesty and lots of questions. We’re big fans of both.

We like to trust our instincts.

We have lots of good ideas and really like finding new ways of working, which means we are persistent when we truly believe in the value of a better solution.

We like details.

We consider how your work affects your life and the people you hold most dear. Financial planning for your future is more than another department to us.

We like structure.

After years of working with different businesses we know how you can get the best advice from us. We’ve got a nifty process that keeps us on track.

We like being flexible.

We don’t assume that you need all of our services. We can scale our offering to suit you best.

We like to see you again.

By meeting you as the seasons change, we can review growth strategies, meet compliance needs and discuss what your information is telling us.